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I have a passion to see people matter what, when or how.
I enjoy reading energy to help release anything that prevents a beautiful soul from becoming who and what they essentially are!!
Life is meant for living. I was born to help heal others and the Earth.
I accept with open arms with a simple thing called LOVE!!!
Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Priestess, & Shaman.
Mona has a vibrant, nurturing, uplifting energy of well-being & pure joy.
Her metaphysical, and spiritual insights have made her a much
sought after speaker and presenter.
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 Books written by Mona Latest Article From Mona - Empower Yourself, Empower Our World Apr2015

The Sacred Language
of the Human Body
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The Splendor
of Surrender

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Hundredth Monkey Radio Interview - January 25/2015
For 2nd Hour Interview CLICK
A New Interview with Lauren Galey...Solar Initiation for Self-Empowerment which includes a Guided Meditation on the Solar Plexus for Personal Empowerment. This is a powerful LIVE call discussing listening to our bodies and understand our lessons to be learned.  Click here to listen
 Mona Channeling Izora on December 31, 2014 "A new adventure is at hand. This wake up flowing energy has not been here on this planet before. 2015 is a dynamic year for a greater understanding of wisdom.    Read the Whole Article
 Acacia Mansion Retreat / Workshop July 10 - 12
Energy Mechanics and the Science of Healing the Body.
Designed to teach you to better understand your own healing abilities as well as how to teach others. It is based on factual information similar to that at the Heart Math Institute. If you're familiar with muscle testing and applied kinesiology then this workshop is for YOU. As a vibrational healer and medical intuitive, Mona is able to read a person's muscle memory which allows her to uncover the true source of a body's imbalance.
Location in Ojai, CA
Reservations and More Details now available
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An Urgent Message For Humanity - August 2014
"This is an urgent message for humanity, and anyone who will understand it can help in creating our world for peace, unity, etc. If it is not paid heed, we are possibly going to repeat a cycle that happens every 26,000 years.
Earth-Keeper Star-Gate Gathering| May 2014
Opening and choosing our 'Timelines' and following an Empowered, Joyful and inspired path as our personal lives and Our Collective Earth Creation moves into OUR next version of reality. This is joyful 'contagious' living opening us up for awesomeness!  
April Online Retreat
Tune into your physical body to understand the true messages our bodies are sending us with various pains, sprains, feelings, etc. Everything that happens to the body is a way for Spirit to speak to us. You'll learn what these messages are and how you can de-code these sacred messages!  Listen Now!     
 Every Part of Your Body Is Linked To An Emotion - Feb 2014 - Mona
 When we go to a doctor we expect to be told what is wrong with us. We receive a diagnosis and then wonder what we will do about it. It's becoming obvious more and more that drugs are not, and never have been the answer to health. We have put our lives in the hands of doctors instead of taking back the power that sits within each of us to discover...if only we trust it.          Read More...
 Read Mona's Mini Article - The Meaning of Ascension for 2014
The more we allow and trust ourselves, the more we contribute to this Universal freedom and alignment. At that point, we naturally release the old patterns that no longer serve us. This is ascension.    Read More...
October 23rd - Dr. Bernie Segal's Online Interview
Listen to the Interview - Click HERE
Dr. Bernie Siegel shares his lifelong work and new book "The Art of Healing" in this Healing Conversation that shows how pictures can help us diagnose illness and help us heal. Also featuring Mona Delfino, author of The Sacred Languag of the Human Body.
 A Testimonial ...

My precious 11 year old dog Cody had emergency surgery to remove a soccer ball tumor from his abdomen cavity. The surgery was successful, doctor would call me with the pathology report and Cody would have to remain in the hospital for two days.  During this time, a couple of dear friends referred me to Mona. We were able to connect when Cody came home a couple of days later by phone. As Mona worked her energy down Cody, she was also telling me bits and pieces about how Cody was feeling,...

Mona, Thank you so much again for the yesterday session with you. It was amazing! I am already feeling so much
joy in my body. What a treat!I am completely mesmerized by what you do. You are like the body’s energy surgeon.
I have been inspired by your work and I feel to reconnect with the energies of Mother Earth and learn how
to work with it.   ~ Many blessings/Yana

Prolific...that's one really good word to describe Mona.
...Mona's techniques and abilities assisted me in believing more of the really good aspects of my life. Her energy readings are amazingly accurate. With her uncanny focus and insight, she helped me know what my spirit and body needed to sustain and balance highly stressful challenges. Mona helps you proclaim abundance and growth in your life.
Thank you for reading and listening to my recommendation. It is my great desire that you allow Mona into your life to help you as she helped me. --- Jane ~ 2014