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   Events, Gatherings, Workshops, and Online Interviews to inspire, connect, and clarify the energies moving across the Earth today. Join Mona and others to be present, open and available to energize the new spirit of global cooperation
and healing in your life and our Earth Mother.
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Events, Workshops, and other Musings:    (Check Mona's Calendar)
Energetics in Healing - September 12 - 14 | Bend, Oregon
 "Energetics of Healing" for the mental, emotional and Spiritual bodies.
How the physical relates to our beliefs, attitudes, and frequency.
The Retreat will be held at Mona's new home in Bend. Small Group Size...
We'll have a Crystal Bowl Harmonic Sound Bath with Doug and Brandon too!! :)
  Cost $800 / person
 Sacred Spirit Journey - April 5th, 2015 | 7 Nights Caribbean Cruise \ Pricing Coming Soon!

Sacred Spirit Journey

A Very Special Easter Sailing - April 5th, 2015

7 Nights Western Caribbean Cruise

2 Night Add on -
Meet & Greet & NASA

  Onboard with Royal Caribbean's -
Navigator of the Seas

 Cruise ONLY |Person Rates From
   ~ Interior Stateroom $704
   ~ Ocean View - Prevailing Veranda Stateroom $860
   ~ Veranda State Room - $1016
Suites - Prevailing

Departs Sunday April 5th, 2015 from Galveston, TX

For more details on this cruise click here:

7 Western Cruise Info

Tune into your physical body to understand the true messages our bodies are sending us with various pains, sprains, feelings, etc. Everything that happens to the body is a way for Spirit to speak to us. You'll learn what these messages are and how you can de-code these sacred messages!  Register NOW

Plus Listen to other selections from Mona and Acoustic Health
 April 2014 | Listen Too Mona's Latest Online Radio Interview with Lauren Galey - Click Here
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  Testimonials of Workshops

Mona, I wanted to write you and tell you how great of a presentation and talk you gave last night!!  Wow! I think you are pretty incredible! You appear to be the very embodiment of spirituality with personality!  I learn watching you talk by what you say; but, also by how you say it.  You have such confidence to just be yourself while having this insight about the game of life.  I wish you would be speaking at each Spiritual Gathering!  You are inspiring and I appreciate that!  Also, I can be shy and reserved in settings like that; so, when you came over and gave me a meant a lot!  ~ with Love and Appreciation...Dell