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   Events, Gatherings, Workshops, and Online Interviews to inspire, connect, and clarify the energies moving across the Earth today. Join Mona and others to be present, open and available to energize the new spirit of global cooperation
and healing in your life and our Earth Mother.
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The Mt. Shasta Ascending Retreat | August 21 - 24th at The Mountain Adventure Lodge

In this retreat, you will learn how to revive, refine,
and supercharge your own healing abilities by tapping
into the power of your heart.

We will revisit long forgotten ancient healing methods, as well as learn new UNPRECEDENTED techniques that are only being taught by Mona. You will be guided into a fresh understanding of how the subconscious mind operates and how we can release the effects of transference (and why this is important).

We will be bridging old modalities with the new in order to create synergistic healing across the board.  You will be given new tools on how to shift away from fear based thinking and move into full self empowerment.  

This event is a fast track course in Integrated Energy Medicine.   

From novus healer to shaman, Mona will teach you how to be your own best translator of muscle memory and instruct on how tobecome bilingual in the energetic reason(s) behind physical conditions. 
She has mastered this gift and thrives on sharing her knowledge with others. Current planetary events and how they are affecting us across all spectrums will also be covered.

Expect to be moved to the core by herchanneled messages andbuilding new relationships that you have never known before. Simply stated, prepare to have your first Heartgasm! We are so honored, humbled, and excited to be offering this opportunity which is intended to give each other back to ourselves and would truly love your presence, for it is this type of work that is desparately needed and is changing our Universe for the better.

Space is limited to 9 people 2 spaces are still open!

Cost: $700. Non refundable deposit of $300. Remaining $400 due upon arrival.  

Registration deadline is August 7th or sooner if the retreat fills up beforehand.

Join Mona for a life changing weekend in the comfort of 'Mountain Retreat Lodge' in Shasta, CA.
Transportation options - Let Mona know your transportation information so that everyone arrives safely.
There will be Carpool options from Bend, Oregon to Mt. Shasta.
Or fly into the nearest airport (Redding and Sacremento) then drive yourself to Shasta.
Pricing is $700 which includes accomodations, meals, and workshop
Limit of 12 People total Attendees
Shasta Retreat - Select payment option from this drop-down menu here...
Pay full $700 now or $300 Non Refundable Deposit (pay final $400 before event).
* REFUNDS - $400 is refundable at any point two weeks before event.
                     (On or Before August 6 for any refund for this event)
                          The $300 deposit is Non-Refundable / Or $300 of the Full Payment
(unless you have documented medical
                                                                                        or family death to be considered for a refund)

** Other methods are available for Mona directly for those options.

*** If Paypal is not responding...please try again later. If an issue persists contact Mona.
  Testimonials of Workshops

Mona, I wanted to write you and tell you how great of a presentation and talk you gave last night!!  Wow! I think you are pretty incredible! You appear to be the very embodiment of spirituality with personality!  I learn watching you talk by what you say; but, also by how you say it.  You have such confidence to just be yourself while having this insight about the game of life.  I wish you would be speaking at each Spiritual Gathering!  You are inspiring and I appreciate that!  Also, I can be shy and reserved in settings like that; so, when you came over and gave me a meant a lot!  ~ with Love and Appreciation...Dell